Help Protect New York from a Fossil Fuel Invasion

Tell your New York state legislators to support two critical new bills to protect our communities, our environment and our health from new fossil fuel development in New York state and across the Northeast.

Right now, we're facing an onslaught of fossil fuels projects in New York state and across the Northeast that could contaminate our water, add greenhouse gases to our atmosphere and move us away from a clean energy future.

Some of the most disastrous projects: two parallel pipelines that would transport oil from Albany, NY, to Linden, NJ, and a proposal that would dramatically increase fossil fuel transport on the Hudson River, threatening surrounding communities and wildlife with the risk of crude oil spills.

Two bills in the New York state legislature have the power to protect our health, communities and environment from dangerous fossil fuel projects like these.

Urge your New York state legislators to protect New York from a fossil fuel invasion by supporting these landmark bills.

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Support S.5139/A.2446A and S.5197/A.6825 to protect New York from fossil fuels

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