Tell Congress: Vote NO on Donald Trump's Drastic EPA Budget Cuts

President Trump's federal budget takes a wrecking ball to the EPA, cutting its budget by nearly a third. Tell Congress to block these drastic cuts that threaten our clean air and water, our climate, and our health.

President Trump's proposed 2018 federal budget takes a wrecking ball to the Environmental Protection Agency, cutting its budget by $2 billion — or nearly a third. These cuts would decimate our main environmental protector, crippling the agency's ability to safeguard public health, enforce environmental laws, and protect our climate, air and water. Sign the petition calling on Congress to block these drastic budget cuts and save American lives. Let your lawmakers know you’re watching, and that if they vote for Trump's EPA budget cuts they'll pay a steep price.

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Oppose EPA Cuts in the FY18 Federal Budget

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