Stop Trump And Pruitt's full-blown Anti-Environment Assault

Tell President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt that we'll fight every attempt they make to put polluter profits before the American people!

President Trump just directed his pro-polluter EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to start rolling back clean car standards — critical limits that would cut climate pollution and save consumers billions of dollars on gas. On top of that, President Trump has proposed massive new EPA budget and staff cuts that will decimate the agency's ability to do its job tackling climate change, ensuring clean air and clean drinking water and clean, and enforcing environmental safeguards.

Help NRDC fight to block these disastrous EPA budget cuts and environmental rollbacks. Tell Trump and Pruitt they'll face massive opposition from you and thousands of others if they attempt to put polluters before the American people and dismantle critical safeguards that protect our climate, clean air and water and our health.

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