Tell Presidential Debate Moderators: Ask serious questions about climate change!

Demand that moderators Elaine Quijano (Oct. 4), Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper (Oct. 9), and Chris Wallace (Oct. 19) ask the candidates about climate change during the debates!

Millions of voters will be tuning into each of the presidential and vice-presidential debates in the coming weeks hoping to hear where the candidates stand on the most pressing issues of the day. Climate change must be one of those issues voters hear about.

The contrast between the two candidates is clear: Secretary Clinton would protect and build upon the progress the Obama administration has made, and Donald Trump would take the low road back to the dirty fuels of the past. Make sure that Americans see that contrast laid bare.

Demand that Chris Wallace, who moderates the final presidential debate on Wed., Oct. 19, ask the candidates about climate change!

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Ask the candidates about climate change during the debate!

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