Optional caption: This video plays in place. The same code is used whether it's here or on the right at a smaller size.

NRDC Responsive Action Template v3

This is intro content narrow.

In addition to providing a model for displaying a large video on the left side of the page, this template also represents a 'petition,' where the message text below is not editable. (The option to make the text not editable is in step 3.)

With a non-editable message, you may want to hide the Message Subject and Message Greeting by adding a reusable at the bottom of this editing screen. It looks like this:
bracket bracket (replace the preceding words with actual brackets, no space between them) S51: reus_alert_hide_elements_when_message_not_editable close-bracket close-bracket (replace the preceding words with actual closing brackets, no space between them).

When you do that, be sure to leave the 'Message section heading' and 'Message recipient' fields below this editing screen blank.

Also be sure to uncheck the 'Display the Targets' box and to check the 'Display an additional Send button?' box below this editing screen.

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