Protect California’s Bay Delta

Bay Delta California’s Bay Delta—the hub of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and the largest freshwater estuary on the west coast of the Americas—is home to hundreds of species of birds, fish, and other wildlife.

It’s also a water supply hub for the state of California, and excessive water diversions out of the Bay Delta is hurting this unique ecosystem and killing off California’s iconic king salmon runs.

A proposed plan to "conserve" the Bay Delta would do more harm than good, building massive tunnels to take even more water out of estuary for use by mega-farms in the San Joaquin Valley and southern California. The plan would likely drive several salmon runs and other native fish and wildlife to extinction. The price tag would saddle taxpayers and ratepayers with more than $50 billion in debt for decades to come.

But a sensible alternative plan would protect the ecosystem while still meeting water supply challenges facing our state.

Stand up for a better plan that protects California’s environment!

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