Tell the FDA: Stop secret safety decisions for chemicals in food

Stop secret safety decisions for chemicals in food It’s up to the Food and Drug Administration to protect the public’s health from unsafe chemicals added to food.

But as long as companies are allowed to make chemicals’ safety decisions in secret, the agency cannot ensure food is safe. Letting industry decide for themselves that chemicals are "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) without notifying FDA or the public is unacceptable, especially for new additives.

The GRAS exemption was intended to allow common food ingredients such as oil and vinegar to be used without lengthy FDA review, but industry has greatly stretched this idea so it’s become a loophole that has swallowed the law. We need to send a clear message to the agency charged with protecting human health: you must know what chemicals are in the food supply.

Help put pressure on the FDA to close the loophole and eliminate conflicts of interest in chemical safety assessments by sending your letter now.

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