Tell the Pebble Partnership to Call it Quits

The Pebble Mine poses catastrophic risks to the people and environment of Alaska’s spectacular Bristol Bay wilderness. Tell the heads of the Pebble Partnership — the legal entity behind the project — to avert economic and environmental destruction by abandoning their plans for the disastrous Pebble Mine.

A Canadian mining company — Northern Dynasty Minerals — is pushing to build the Pebble Mine, a massive gold and copper mine which the U.S. EPA has concluded threatens to destroy Alaska’s spectacular Bristol Bay wilderness, its world-class salmon runs, wildlife like bears, moose and caribou, and a way of life that has sustained Native communities for thousands of years.

Despite the grave risks of this mega-mine and the 10 billion tons of toxic waste it would generate, Northern Dynasty and its legal entity — the Pebble Partnership — have launched an all-out litigation and PR campaign to defy overwhelming local opposition and get the mine built. Take action to stop the Pebble Mine. Tell the heads of the Pebble Partnership to quit this reckless and disastrous venture.

Robert Redford

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